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  • 5 ml

    HKD $540.00

Expression Eye Lash Serum

A serum that strengthens eyelashes and eyebrows and stimulates their growth.

Proven effectiveness:

  • Tested in vivo
  • 66% longer and denser eyelashes in just 28 days* 
  • Easy application thanks to the specific brush and light gel texture.
  • Longer eyelashes with more volume in just 2 weeks.
  • Also perfect for giving density to the eyebrows.
  • Full ocular tolerance.



  1. Strengthens and reinforces eyelashes, accelerating their rate of growth.
  2. Acts to reconstruct the eyelashes, giving a flawless appearance.
  3. Protects from damage associated with exposure to physical and chemical agents
  •  SymPeptide Xlash: Bioavailable lipo-oligopeptide (better absorption and skin tolerance), winner of various prizes for itseffect on keratin genes during the anagen phase. This stimulation can increase the density of eyelashes, lengthening themand increasing their thickness. In vivo studies show visible results from the second week.
  • Keratin Peptides: Keratin represents between 85 and 90 per cent of the total weight of the hair and is responsible fordefending it from external aggressions, maintaining the resistance and integrity of the hair fibre. These hydrolysed peptidesof marine origin rebuild the hair fibre, increasing the body and flexibility of the eyelashes.

Apply, preferably at night, to eyelashes after completely removing any makeup. Use the applicator brush, paying specialattention to the root and then spreading it to the tips.