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URBAN BlueDefense Professional Kit

Living in an urban environment has new consequences for our skin since we are now exposed to new types of contamination. Recent clinical studies on environmental and photo pollution by light radiation show that skin can seriously be affected by the so-called “Aging 3 C’s”: (environmental contamination, photo contamination or light radiation and wireless communications).


URBAN BLUEDEFENSE is a range specifically formulated to moisturize, restore and triply protect the skin against of all kinds of photo and environmental pollution.

Common pollutants:

-       Blue light: is also called HIGH ENERGY VISIBLE (HEV) and emitted by electronic devices such as mobile phone, ipad, computer. It is proved to be harmful to our skin that generates a considerable trans epidermal water loss (TEWL). This compromises the natural hydrolipidic film of the skin, leaving it unprotected. As Hydration level decreases, then luminosity, elasticity and peripheral blood circulation also reduces, making the skin dryer, rougher and pores more visible.

-       ozone tropospheric O3: is a powerful oxidizing agent which accelerates signs of ageing.

-       The PM2.5 PARTICLES: are, as its name indicates, suspended particles in the air weighing less than 2.5 microns, being 100 times thinner than a human hair and 20 times smaller than a pore. This makes them easily penetrate through the skin into the subcutaneous tissue or hair and Sebaceous and sweat glands, which cause genetic damage at cellular levels that are manifested in the degradation of the connective tissue in the dermis.


This professional treatment performs a deep cleanse, oxygenation and revitalization of the skin. This beauty ritual will restore radiance and color to the skin and create an invisible shield to protect it from photo and environmental pollution.

  • URBAN BlueDefense Peel

     - Nano encapsulated AHA’s

     - Keratopeel PB

  • URBAN BlueDefense Booster

     - Pronalen Bioprotect

     - Baycusan®

     - Algaktiv®

     - Blumilight™

  • URBAN BlueDefense Mask

     - Gransil SIW

  • URBAN BlueDefense Serum

     - Algaktiv®

     - Lingostem™

     - Baycusan®

     - Hyaluronic acido

  • URBAN BlueDefense Cream

     - SPF 20

     - Blumilight

     - Pronalen Bioprotect



4 sessions for each treatment. 

The first two sessions: once a week

For the rest 2 sessions: once for every 2 weeks