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  • 800 g

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4G DNA MASK WAX (Without Strips Paper)

New strip less wax formulated with a very special mineral resin that prevents skin reactions and highly recommended even for the most sensitive skins.
This patented wax formula has a changing dual color system that allows the therapist to time the application: when applied it is an intense and translucent purple color. This color indicates that the wax is acting as a mask trapping in the heat. When the wax becomes a clear lilac the therapist will know that the mask is dry and ready to be removed as a wax strip, avoiding any confusion as when it needs to be removed.
After removal, you will discover a new smooth, soft, hydrated, skin free from dead cells while bright and luminous.


  • Removes the hair root gently and effectively, resulting ideal even for the most sensitive skins.
  • Facilitates pore opening to better absorb the active ingredients applied with the serum and boosted with the wax.
  • Eliminates dead skin cells from the surface leaving it smooth and soft.
  • Acts as an osmotic mask, improving the skin’s moisture and optimize the penetration of active ingredients.
  • Peripheral surface blood circulation is increased thus nurturing, reviving and revitalizing tissue layers.

Natural Moisturizing Factor (NMF) :

The NMF is a natural protection, which our skin has to protect from dehydration. Many times our bodies own substances are not always found in the percentage desired, therefore an external booster is required.The natural moisturizing factor used in CERAZYME® DNA MASK is a complex of ingredients to help the reconstruction of our natural MFN.Among them are amino acids that, due to their small size, possess high capacity of penetration, focusing its moisturizing action to the deepest layers; Urea; Alpha-hydroxy acids; and PCA, a moisturizing molecule which increases the capacity of water retention while hydrating, softening and providing elasticity to the skin.


DNA Filaments:

DNA strands revitalize the skin, protect and accelerate skin repair, improving the appearance and quality of tissues. This results in a drastic reduction of the signs of aging, preventing the appearance of wrinkles and firming the outline of the oval face.It strengthens the protection of our own DNA in the skin and helps to preserve the genetic information, stimulating the activity of the genes responsible for the repair of damage to the structure of the DNA double helix.In addition, it has regenerative properties, leading to a greater production of keratinocytes, as the epidermal tissue re densifies and makes it more resistant to external aggressions

  • Disinfect the hands and the area to be treated.
  • Clean the face and neck with CERAZYME® Make-up Remover
  • Remove all traces of makeup on face and neck with Make-up Remover CERAZYME®. For the body, use Depileve Dermobalance Lotion.
  • Apply the CERAZYME® facial & intimate 10ml serum or the 30ml Body Concentrate, according to the area to be treated and waxes. Gently massage until completely absorbed.
  • Take a small amount of CERAZYME® DNA Mask using the spatula like a spoon.
  • Stretch the area with one hand while applying the wax by placing the spatula at an angle of 45 °.
  • Spread a thin, even layer in the direction of the hair growth making sure the rims have more wax.
  • Wait for the wax to change color, at which moment the strip will be ready to be removed.
  • With one hand stretch the end of the Strip while using the tip of the spatula to lift the bottom edge enough to grasp the strip.
  • Stretch the skin and remove the strip in 2 or 3 movements as parallel to the skin.
  • Once the wax is all removed reapply the remaining serum over the treated areas.
  • Apply the facial DNA Cream or DNA Body Balm both with SPF 15 and massage until complete absorption.