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  • 150 ml

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  • 150 ml

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Aqua Vital Serum

Maximum cellular detox concentration and unprecedented moisture in three dimensions that creates a unique cellular water reservoir making the skin radiant, healthy and luminous from within.


  1. Stimulates the cell detoxification process discovering a new skin renovation from the inside.
  2. Activates cellular metabolism, increasing collagen and elastin synthesis.
  3. Moisturizes the skin from the last corner of the cell to superficial layers.
  4. Regenerates tissues to show a younger skin, softer, more luminous and even tone.


*Wholesale Order - Beauty Salons Only

  • 3D Hydra APS: Latest generation active ingredient for a deep moisturization of the skin. Based on the properties of polarized water, this ingredient is capable of penetrating intothe deepest layers of the skin, providing a 3D (dimension) hydration.

  • Celldetox®: Natural active ingredient with detoxifying properties. Boosts the cellular metabolic waste system, improves the skin texture and appearance for a younger andradiant skin.

  • Plant Phylderme: Replica of placentary extracts, it acts as a continuous cellular regenerator. Soy-based formula that activates skin metabolism thanks to its content in mineral salts,amino-acids and peptides.

  • Biodyne TRF: Rich in amino-acids, vitamins and mineral salts. Is an efficient moisturizing and oxygenating ingredient that regenerates and rejuvenates to soothe the skin. Prompts elastin production and collagen synthesis to even skin tone.

  • DSH CN: Bio-technological mixture between Organic silicol and Hyaluronic acid with agreat moisturizing, regenerating and restructuring action.

Apply on perfectly clean face and neck, including the eye contour area under the adapted cream.